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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have Black Magic?!! That's new..

We can never guess what people are actually thinking about us right? You'll never know whether it's a good, or a bad thing, and even sometimes something outrageously (don't why I keep using this word..hehehe) stupid!

Today I was assigned by my seniors to handle a training session at a anonymous government agency for developing a website using Joomla..( interesting tool I tell ya ). Actually this is my second day here at this anonymous government agency. To be frank, I was kinda excited to handle this training. Its fun as well as challenging.

So the day was bright and full of promises, though I arrived late at the office..( Traffic jem...duhh.. =P ). I went in the presentation room, turned on my laptop, switched on the OHP, connect the network cable, opened my yapper (its my MOUTH for those who don't know, again...duhhh.. =P) and began to brief the anonymous government agency's staff about this weeks assignments. Then like a clock Helmi a.k.a Moss (yup! he kinda looks and acts like Moss from the IT Crowd, maybe slightly worst..) got up and circles the department. I don't why, maybe it his 'thing' or ritual but definitely not a habit.

"Hi, I'm Moss..and I have magical powers..."

Shortly after few minutes he went out, one of the staff (whose name I can't mention..hehehe..actually I don't know her name =P) that was not involved in the training came in looking for me. Obviously I don't know the heck why...She said and I quote, word by word "Puan Ehem2, Helmi cakap die tak boleh masok bilek ni sebab die kate Wafie ade ilmu hitam dan nak kenekan die and negara kite" and I was like "WHAT THE HELL..??!!!", but of course I didn't say out loud you guys. Just say it loudly in my head. I was like, damn.. even me myself don't have the slightest clue that I posses black magic. But, it sure be cool though, if I have any..hehehe. Everybody in the room was stunned dude. Then the silence was broken by my unintentional, unwilling and un-sincere (don't know if the word exist..=P) laugh. I had too, if not then people will start thinking something weird about me man..damn.

After few minutes, I started to really really laugh at Helmi. Man...he was really...DUMB! He is a person who live in his own world, alternate reality people called it. HE NEEDS HELP MAN..!! He needs to get himself a shrink (psychiatrist or psychologist...duuhhhhhh ). A really good one...Man today was heavy.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jom Ronda TV3

Yosh mina!!!

At last there something interesting happen in my life since how long I don't remember..(..duh..) Last Wednesday, 10th February 2010, my car club PROSBOC was asked for an interview session for the Jom Ronda TV3 segment. And man,this was definitely something that I'm looking forward too. Just imagined, getting your car and yourself aired in national television. I was pump!!
( P/S: This show airs on Sundays at 7.30 p.m. )

The session began at 6.00 p.m. where all the PROSBOC members gathered at the Dataran Putra Perdana in front of the Masjid Putra Perdana and the Jabatan Perdana Menteri (both situated in Putrajaya). It was around 7.30 p.m., where around 70 cars have gathered that from all over was crowded. The location was packed with Saga BLMs. It brought attention to all the passer by that drove through the the Dataran. It definitely turn few eyes...

So back to the report, before the shooting began. Our President Mr B000s, Yusnizam gave a short funny speech followed by the man in-charge of the Jom Ronda TV3 show, Mr Azmi.

The grand parade of Saga BLMs started from the Dataran and ends at Cyberjaya..and I'm still trying to get the name of out final destination at Cyberjaya..hehehe =P



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