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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Strech Your Tyre!!!

Yosh mina!!!!!!!

Here is a new and bold revelation from Malaysian to Malaysian's car enthusiast for stretching tires for big-ass you all know, for wide rim tires sometimes require us to special order it. So definitely, it would cost more. So take a look and maybe this will solve your problems..

These are the details on the car, rims and tires involved in this
outrageously bold act:
  • Car : Datsun 510 2 Door Sedan SSS ( Codename : Debbie)
  • Rim : RS Watanabe 14x7jj 14x7.5jj (Japan odered)
  • Tire : Bridgestone playz 195/65/14 (Mudah oso ken)
As you guys can see in the video, the rim is too wide for the tire itself. However for each problem, there is a solution. The case here is, "Do you have the balls to get it done..?" The tires specialist calls it the BOMB method! Surprised..??!! Don't be, because its true. That's the actual name of the method. Just look how the guy blows the tire to fit the rim size..

So, this is the end result of the BOMB method..!! So guys, no need to burn your money, just do what we do..BLOW em' up!!!!!!!


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