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Friday, June 26, 2009

Rest in peace, Mikael @ Micheal Jackson

It's a sad and gloomy day to begin with a great loss of a star. A star that has stopped to shine. Micheal Jackson or now known as Mikael Jackson, after he has converted to muslim few months ago (Praise to Allah s.w.t) has returned to the our great Creator, Allah s.w.t at 5.21 a.m Malaysian time.

It was told by his brother, Jermaine Jackson that Mikael died due to cardiac arrest. However official claims of Mikael's death has not been released yet. We will hear it soon enough.

The whole world shares this significant loss. All of us who have listen to his song and music will automatically become a fan of him. Those who grew up with the influence of his music, will feel the a great sorrow. He has captivated us with his voice, song and his dance moves that is still being used and put in today's dance choreography.

Mikael@Micheal Jackson made his first debut performance with the song Billie Jean. He quickly caught the audience attention with his mesmerizing moves. especially when he did the Moon Walk. Those who were watching him live became an instant fan. After that he became a phenomenon all over the world. His song and his moves can been on the streets at every corners. Everyone wants to be like him. His red jacket and white glove is his ultimate signature.

Mikael@Micheal Jackson is a true star, despite all the bad allegations made towards him. His music has touch the worlds heart and uniting it as one. His song has very deep meanings and are expressive at same time.

He will definitely be remembered through his song and efforts to the entertainment world.

-We all love you-
-Rest in peace, may Allah bless your soul-


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