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Monday, May 18, 2009

Embassy Menu (001) ::Office-Made Cheezy Chachos::

Yes everybody, it's cooking segment with Chef Wafie and Chef Kamil. Both of are proud to present Office-Made Cheezy Chachos..Hahaha..Yeah! It is made proudly in the office. The idea came, when we suddenly and extremely hungry for junk food. Yes, and we made it GOOD!!!

Ingredients and Instructions:

1. Get your favorite flavored Chachos and a pack of your favorite cheese and mix it like so.
2. When everything ingredients is ready for cook, take a minute and pose for the camera. CLICK!!!
3. Put the ingredients in the microwave, and heat it for 4 minutes. Just like the Justin and Madonna feat Timbaland song...
4. Watch carefully how the Chacos and cheese are heated together, and listen how the symphony of junk food plays through the process teasing your stomach that is now full with gas =P
5. This is what it looks like when it came out of the microwave. Is it beautiful, even the Monalisa would jump out from its frame just to get a bite. CHUMP!!!
6. For some final touch, spread and dress with some chili sauce and make sure you do it with grace and artsy.
7. For some final touch, spread and dress with some chili sauce and make sure you do it with grace and artsy.
8. And EAT!!!!!

This segments is brought to you by Wafie and Kamil. There is no sponsor involved in this segment. All expenses are shared and spread evenly between these two.

Cast and Crew

Chef Wafie - Wafie Zainal
Chef Kamil - Asan Taring
Photographer 1 - Wafie Zainal
Photograhper 2 - Asan Taring


The Embassy July 28, 2009 at 12:42 PM  

mmd sedap mis isabella..da ramai yg try..thanks sbb comment..nnt akan upload lg urban menus baru..

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